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Ed purchasing his 3rd car !

Ed returns to purchase his 3rd car and made it a Honda Ridgeline Truck! Thank you Ed!

Kevin returning to purchase at Low Price Auto Sale

Kevin needed another car for his daughter and returned to buy a 2nd car at Low Price Auto Sale, thanks Kevin

Karl purchasing his 2nd car for his daughter

Karl purchasing this Mazda3 for his daugther, thank you Karl!

John returning to purchase a 2nd car!

John needed to get his son into a car and he returned back to buy him this Honda Fit! Thank you John!

Carl purchasing a Cargo Van at Low Price Auto Sale

Carl needed a cargo van for his work, he purchased this NV 200 from us, thank you Karl!

Brad purchasing his 3rd Car at Low Price Auto Sale

Brad buying his 3rd car for his family with us, thank you Brad!

Joe purchasing a Honda Element

Joe is a client of ours who purchased a Honda Element and was kind enough to share his experience on video.

Robin purchasing her 5th! car with us

Robin purchasing a Toyota Prius with us! This is her 5th car that she has purchased from us and she was kind enough to share her experience so far.

John purchasing a Honda Civic for his daughter

We had the pleasure of having John come back to purchase a 2010 Honda civic for his daughter and say a few words for us.

Dan sharing his experience with us

Dan bought a Honda CRV and Honda FIT from us. We got a chance to get a few words of his experience with the cars.

Ortaga contento con su Compra, gracias!
Jim purchased a 4th car!

Jim has bought many cars from us and had a few words to share! Thank you Jim!

Isaac returning to purchase 2nd car, thank you!

Isaac coming back to purchase a 2015 Mazda3 Sport from us, thank you Isaac!

Frances returning after 4 years!

Frances returning after 4 years to buy a car for her sister, thank you Frances!!

Chris purchasing another Honda!

Chris has been happy with our cars and returning to buy another Honda Fit, thank you Chris!